Forgiving Justice: a Quaker vision for criminal justice

Author: Tim Newell
Publisher: Quaker Books
Tim Newell's 2000 Swarthmore lecture, revised for this 2007 edition, looks at possible Quaker approaches to criminal justice. The book includes insights from Circles of Support and Accountability as well as ideas for study and action.
ISBN: 0901689513
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Product description
Tim Newell brings his considerable experience as a prison governor and his Quaker insights to bear on the future for criminal justice. ‘Forgiving Justice’ combines uplifting stories of that is possible, with a rigorous analysis of the basis for criminal justice reform and an understanding of our view of those who offend. This revised edition includes the experience of the Circles of Support and Accountability project in Britain since the book was first published. Do we simply forget offenders behind the prison gates, or can we take this opportunity to reaffirm our belief in the worth of everybody? With the rich tradition of Quaker work on prison reform to guide us, we hope you too will be inspired to take a fresh look at what the processes of repentance and forgiveness could mean to a community-wide approach in which we all play a part. This book includes ideas for both study and action, for individuals or groups who wish to take the issues further.
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