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Where on Earth is Heaven

09/10/2009, £20.00
Jonathan Stedall explores challenging questions about living and dying, looking and seeing, heaven and earth, and our human potential.

White Privilege: the myth of a post-racial society

04/04/2018, £12.99
Drawing on topical debates around education, the labour market, class and poverty, and supported by empirical data and conceptual underpinning, this important book examines the impact of race on wider issues of inequality and difference in society.

Whither Fanon? Studies in the Blackness of Being

Investigating and foregrounding the clinical system that Fanon devised in an attempt to intervene against negrophobia and anti-blackness, this book rereads his clinical and political work together, arguing that the two are mutually imbricated.

Who governs Britain

The British system has been radically transformed in recent decades, far more than most of us realise. As acclaimed political scientist and best selling author Anthony King shows, this transformation lies at the heart of British politics today.

Why I'm No Longer Talking to White People About Race

08/03/2018, £8.99
Reni Eddo-Lodge offers a timely and essential new framework for how to see, acknowledge and counter racism. It is a searing, illuminating, absolutely necessary exploration of what it is to be a person of colour in Britain today.

Why Marx Was Right

02/03/2018, £10.99
In this combative, controversial book, Terry Eagleton takes issue with the prejudice that Marxism is dead and done with.

Why Women Need Quotas

01/01/2015, £10.00
We have an abysmal record on gender parity. Rwanda and Laos have more women in Parliament than Britain does. Businesses still are mostly run by men (though men created the financial disaster we are still trying to sort out). The USA has quotas for wo

Why Women Will Save the Planet

01/03/2018, £9.99
Big cities don’t have to mean a dystopian future. They can be turned around to be powerhouses of well-being and environmental sustainability – if we empower women.

Women Who Launch: Women who Shattered Glass Ceilings

Dorothy Parker observed, “It’s a man’s world;” the ladies profiled in Women Who Launch would beg to differ. Unlike the matrons of the 1950s - the women who lunched - these kick-ass females left their DNA in the annals of time.

Young Palestinians Speak: Living Under Occupation

13/07/2017, £16.99
This book provides a platform for children and young people, from all over this occupied land, to speak in their own voices about the day-to-day experience of living under occupation
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