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Coalition: The Inside Story

22/03/2016, £25.00
When David Cameron and Nick Clegg stepped out into the rose garden at No. 10.

Collective Choice and Social Welfare

19/01/2017, £12.99
Nobel Prize winner Amartya Sen's first great book, now reissued in a fully revised and expanded second edition 'Can the values which individual members of society attach to different alternatives be aggregated into values for society as a whole.

Congo Diary

24/11/2011, £14.99
Che Guevara's disappearance from Cuba in 1965 aroused much speculation.

Congo Masquerade

08/09/2011, £14.99
Congo Masquerade is about mismanagement, hypocrisy, naivete and sabotage.

Connecting to change the world

07/11/2014, £18.99
Easily understandable and full of actionable advice, Connecting to Change the World is an informative guide to creating collaborative solutions to tackle the most difficult challenges society faces.

Debt the first 5000 years

28/10/2014, £15.99
Debt: The First 5000 Years explores the historical relationship of debt with social institutions such as barter, marriage, friendship, slavery, law, religion, war and government; in short, much of the fabric of human life in society.

Dirty Secrets: How Tax Havens Destroy the Economy

07/02/2017, £12.99
The Panama Papers demonstrated that the superrich hide their wealth from the rest of us. Dirty Secrets shows that this was not by accident, but by design.


18/05/2017, £9.99
What is the state? And what's it ever done for you? More than you think. The state houses us, educates us, employs us, protects us on the street and in the wider world. It is the country we created together, and a part of our national identity.

Do Disrupt

16/05/2013, £8.99
Change the status quo or become it.

Donegal in Transition: The Congested Dis

04/10/2013, £19.50
In this accessible and lively new book, historian Sean Beattie explores the dramatic impact of the congested Districts Board (CDB) on the economic, political and cultural life of Co. Donegal.
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