Minding The Future: Swarthmore 2008

Author: Christine A M Davis
Pub Date: 31/05/2008
Publisher: Quaker Books
Swarthmore Lecture 2008. Stewardship is about the way we treat our past and learn from it, the way we use these lessons in our own generation and the legacy we pass on to those who come after us.
ISBN: 0901689882
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Product description
What am I, and what are you, handing on to the future? How have our lives reshaped the insights and experince which we have inherited from teh past, and what of this are we passing on to the future? Stewardship is not just about material things, like our money and property; it is also about insights and understandings. Christine Davis draws on her Quaker experience and decades of public life in Scotland. She finds inspiration and insights about stewardship from all parts of life, and challenges us to mind the future adventurously.
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