No Shame, No Fear

Author: Ann Turnbull
Pub Date: 01/12/2011
Publisher: Walker Books Ltd
The first book in Ann Turnbull's trilogy about two young Quakers in 17th-century England.
ISBN: 9781406336801
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Product description

A story of love against the odds. 1662 - England is reeling from the after-effects of civil war, with its clashes of faith and culture. Seventeen-year-old Will returns home after completing his studies, to begin an apprenticeship arranged by his wealthy father. Susanna, a young Quaker girl, leaves her family to become a servant in the same town. Theirs is a story that speaks across the centuries, telling of love and the struggle to stay true to what is most important - in spite of parents, society and even the law. But is the love between Will and Susanna strong enough to survive - no matter what?

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