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The Spirit of Silence: Making Space for

The importance of emptying the mind has been recognised for millennia across a variety of cultures. Meditation is a way of life for millions; at the end of a Hindu's life, he renounces all and becomes a wandering ascetic, seeking union with God; and

The Year of Less: How I Stopped Shopping

16/01/2018, £15.99
In her late twenties, Cait Flanders found herself stuck in the consumerism cycle that grips so many of us: earn more, buy more, want more, rinse, repeat.

Timeless Simplicity

This is a book about simplicity - not destitution, parsimoniousness or self-denial, but the restoration of wealth in the midst of an affluence in which we are starving the spirit. It is a book about the advantages of living a less cluttered, less str

Vegan in 7: Delicious plant-based recipe

07/12/2017, £16.99
Healthy vegan recipes with 7 ingredients or fewer; can it be true? Yes! Being a vegan can be easy, fun and totally delicious.

Vegetable Gardener's Guide Permaculture

01/01/2013, £16.99
Once a fringe topic, permaculture is moving to the mainstream as gardeners who are ready to take their organic gardening to the next level are discovering the wisdom of a simple system that emphasizes the idea that by taking care of the earth, the ea

Welfare T-Shirt (M)

A T-shirt which illustrates clearly the inequality present in our current economic system. With a full coulour pie chart on the front, detailing the distribution of welfare and a slogan on the back reading "Welfare means fair wealth for all".
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