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Quaker Voices Subscription

A bimonthly journal which aims to nourish the spiritual lives of Friends. Published by Quaker Life, each edition includes articles, poetry and artwork that share Friends' experiences of being Quaker.

Reflections from a Long Marriage: Swarthmore Lecture 2006

20/05/2006, £4.50
In their 2006 Swarthmore lecture, Roger and Susan Sawtell consider what they have learned from their experience of being together since 1957.

Snakes and Ladders: A personal exploration of Quaker work on human rights at the United Nations

26/05/2012, £8.00
Rachel Brett's 2012 Swarthmore Lecture details the work of the Quaker United Nations Office (QUNO) in Geneva.

Spirited Living: Waging Conflict, Building Peace

29/05/2004, £9.00
In the 2004 Swarthmore Lecture, Simon Fisher presents challenging ways to live out the Quaker Peace Testimony in the here and now.
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