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01/08/2012, £6.99
After is the fourth shocking, funny and heartbreaking book in Morris Gleitzman's Second World War series.

All Birds Have Anxiety

21/03/2017, £9.99
Life as a bird can be stressful! From worrying about airplanes, windows, and getting enough worms to eat, it is clear that birds can be anxious beings.

All kinds of families

01/01/2009, £13.99
Families, families all kinds of families, Families are people and animals, too. But all sorts of other things fit into families. Look all around and you'll see that they do! With rollicking rhyme, beloved children's book author Mary Ann Hoberman s

Always and Forever

07/02/2013, £7.99
When Fox dies the rest of his family are absolutely distraught. How will Mole, Otter and Hare go on without their beloved friend?

An Island of Our Own

02/04/2015, £6.99
From one of the brightest talents in children's fiction and the winner of the Waterstones Children's Book prize comes a new novel about family and friendship.

And Tango Makes Three

07/07/2007, £7.99
Roy and Silo are just like the other penguin couples at the zoo - they bow to each other, walk together and swim together. But Roy and Silo are a little bit different - they're both boys. Then, one day, when Mr Gramzay the zookeeper finds them trying

Animal Farm

11/12/1972, £7.99
One of a series of fiction titles for schools. In Orwell's classic story the animals, led by the pigs Napoleon and Snowball, drive out Farmer Jones and set up an Animals' Republic in which all are to be free and equal.


10/08/2017, £12.99
Brimming with fascinating facts, this engagingly illustrated book will appeal to children of all ages.

Are You a Boy or are You a Girl?

18/05/2017, £10.99
This brightly illustrated book will open a dialogue with children aged 3+ about gender diversity in a fun and creative way.
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