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The Parables of Jesus

28/02/2018, £15.99
A series of parables told by Jesus, written in a style that children will relate to.

The Parrot and the Merchant

01/05/2015, £11.99
A beautifully illustrated retelling of Rumi's classic tale in evocative, accessible prose for children.

The Peace Kit: Everyday peacemaking for young people

12/09/2005, £6.00
Everyday peacemaking for young people.

The Pilot and the Little Prince.

03/07/2014, £12.99
'A fascinating book, THE PILOT AND THE LITTLE PRINCE invites big kids (literal and metaphorical) to take the dig in its pages lose oneself in delicate drawings,

The Princess and the Pea

30/07/2009, £5.99
A real princess is hard to find! The prince wants to marry a princess, but finding one is not a simple task. There is no shortage of so-calles princesses - but how can he tell whether or not they are what they claim to be?

The Quiet Book (boardbook)

The Quiet Book is now available in a cozy padded board book edition! In this irresistibly charming picture book, many different quiet moments are captured, from the anticipation - heavy "Top of the roller coaster quiet" to the shocked-into-silence "F

The Rabbits

01/09/2010, £7.99
Dramatically moving allegory of colonisation told from the viewpoint of native animals.

The Rainbow Fish

03/01/1998, £12.99
The award-winning book about a beautiful fish who finds friendship and happiness when he learns to share is now available in a board book edition for the youngest child.

The Rainbow Fish

13/02/2007, £6.99
The Rainbow Fish, with his shimmering scales, is the most beautiful fish in the ocean. But he is proud and vain and none of the other fish want to be his friend - until he learns to give away some of his most prized possessions.

The Red Queen

12/02/2015, £9.99
A thrilling new fantasy trilogy for fans of Divergent and The Hunger Games.
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