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Reflections in the Baubles

As you journey through the period of Advent and prepare to celebrate Christmas day, do the decorations on the tree reflect a house of place and joy are they more likely to reflect the stress and turmoil that often surrounds this time?

Revelations of Divine Love

19/01/2017, £9.99
Julian of Norwich, the famous fourteenth-century anchoress, was seriously ill and preparing for death when she received a series of 16 visions of the passion of Christ.

Sacred Dissonance

01/12/2017, £24.99
Explores the essential distinctions between religious identities and the cultural boundaries between Jews and Christians.

Saints of the Isles

Christianity reached the Celtic lands after The Acts of the Apostles had been written. The stories in this book could be entitled The Acts of the Apostles Volume Two.

Salvaging The Sacred

This work is about finding forgiveness at the deep interior level.

Season the preaching: insipration from the Common Lectionary

Season the Preaching is an invaluable resource for preachers, group leaders and students of the gospels, providing sermon outlines and reflections on the gospel and other readings in the three-year lectionary cycle.
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