Gender and sexuality

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We: A Manifesto for Women Everywhere

08/03/2017, £16.99
Imagine a sisterhood - across all creeds and cultures. An unspoken agreement that we, as women, will support and encourage one another.

What makes a baby

01/01/2012, £11.99
What makes a baby? Children want to know where babies come from in general. They also want to know, specifically, where they come from. These aren't the same question, and they don't have the same answer.

Why We March: Signs of Protest and Hope

27/03/2017, £11.99
On January 21, 2017, over 5 million people in 673 cities around the globe gathered in solidarity for the Women's March...

Why Women Need Quotas

01/01/2015, £10.00
We have an abysmal record on gender parity. Rwanda and Laos have more women in Parliament than Britain does. Businesses still are mostly run by men (though men created the financial disaster we are still trying to sort out). The USA has quotas for wo

Why Women Will Save the Planet

01/01/2015, £9.99
This provocative collection gathers essays and interviews from the leading lights of the international environmental and feminist movements to mount a powerful case that gender equality is essential to environmental progress.

Women & Power: A Manifesto

02/11/2017, £7.99
Why the popular resonance of 'mansplaining' (despite the intense dislike of the term felt by many men)?

Women and the Vote: A World History

14/04/2016, £16.99
Before 1893 no woman anywhere in the world had the vote in a national election. A hundred years later almost all countries had enfranchised women, and it was a sign of backwardness not to have done so.

Women In Science 100 Postcards

22/02/2017, £15.00
From well known figures like Marie Curie to unsung heroes, these cards are perfect to send as greetings or hang as mini artistic masterworks.
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