Gender and sexuality

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Equal Power

01/02/2018, £16.99
Why is gender inequality so stubbornly persistent? Power. Even today, power remains concentrated in the hands of men right across the worlds of business, politics and culture.


01/01/2017, £14.99

Exiled for Love

01/01/2015, £13.99

Feminism:A Very Short Introduction

How much have women's lives really changed? In the West women still come up against the 'glass ceiling' at work, most earning considerably less than their male counterparts. What are we to make of the now commonplace insistence that feminism deprives

First Year Out: A Transition Story

19/12/2017, £15.99
From laser hair removal and coming out to her parents, through to dating, voice training and gender reassignment surgery, this intimate and witty graphic novel follows Lily as she transitions to living as her true, female self.

Girl Mans Up

22/02/2018, £7.99
"Pen is an inspiration to anyone who's struggled to be understood, and a vital addition to the growing world of genderqueer protagonists."

Girl trouble

Girls behave badly. If they're not obscenity-shouting, pint-swigging laddettes they're narcissistic, living dolls floating around in a cloud of self-obsession, far too busy twerking to care. And this is news. In this witty and wonderful book, eminen

Girls with Autism Becoming Women

21/06/2018, £13.99
This insightful book investigates the experiences of seven women with autism as they transition from childhood to adulthood, and how they make sense of that journey. Taken from the autobiographies of women including Liane Holliday-Willey and Templ
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