Gender and sexuality

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Women and the Vote: A World History

14/04/2016, £16.99
Before 1893 no woman anywhere in the world had the vote in a national election. A hundred years later almost all countries had enfranchised women, and it was a sign of backwardness not to have done so.

Women in waiting

The role of women in the Christian Church has been the subject of heated debate in recent years. This July the Church of England's General Synod vote approving the ordination of women bishops announced a new era for women in the church.

Women of the revolution

01/01/2010, £9.99
When hundreds gathered in 1970 for the UK's first women's liberation conference, a movement that had been gathering strength for years burst into a frenzy of radical action that was to transform the way we think, act and live. In the 40 years since t
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