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Love in a Headscarf: Muslim Woman Seeks

20/03/2014, £7.99
'At the age of thirteen, I knew I was destined to marry John Travolta. One day he would arrive on my North London doorstep, fall madly in love with me and ask me to marry him. Then he would convert to Islam and become a devoted Muslim.'

Making Moderate Islam

23/11/2016, £20.99
Drawing on a decade of research into the community that proposed the so-called "Ground Zero Mosque,"

Mawlana Rumi Review

11/12/2017, £16.95
Where is the face of Islam in the panoply of Love? And where the adept who'll reveal its mysteries?

Muhammad: A Biography of the Prophet

03/12/2001, £7.99
A life of the prophet Muhammad by bestselling religious writer Karen Armstrong.

My Way: A Muslim Woman's Journey

30/11/2014, £20.00
Polarized debates about 'Islam' and 'the West' are now so ubiquitous that it is easy to forget how damaging they can be.

No God But God

01/01/2011, £8.99
*Ten years on from 9/11, much of the Muslim faith remains largely unknown and misunderstood in the West. *While there have been a number of successful books on the topic of Islamic history - from Karen Armstrong's Islam: A Brief History to Bernard Le

Occupied With Nonviolence

03/07/2008, £16.99
Jean Zaru, the longtime activist and Quaker leader from Ramallah, here brings home the pain and central convictions that animate Christian nonviolence and activity today.

Pocket Rumi, The

01/01/2017, £8.99
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