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Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus

11/02/2014, £10.99
An Unexpected Journey from Islam to Christianity In Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus, Nabeel Qureshi describes his dramatic journey from Islam to Christianity, complete with friendships, investigations, and supernatural dreams along the way. Providing an

Sufism Lecture Series

01/08/2011, £8.00
"This five volume collection of lectures is a distillation of the essential teachings of the contemporary Sufi Master Hazart Pir.

Sufism: A Bridge Between Religions

01/08/2011, £7.94
"In this work, the origins of religions and the experience of freedom and unification which is the essence of religion are examined and clarified, and the stages and conditions necessary to reach this state are carefully described.

Sufism: A New History of Islamic Mystici

31/10/2017, £24.95
A pathbreaking history of Sufism, from the earliest centuries of Islam to the present

The Art of Mindful Walking

27/05/2011, £8.99
Contemplating the concept of a purposeful walking, Adam Ford applies the notion of mindfulness to walks ranging from a simple journey to work to a personal odyssey in the Australian outback.

The Enemy Within: A Tale of Muslim Brita

30/03/2017, £20.00
'Hard headed, well informed and intellectually coherent turns conventional wisdom on its head. It deserves to promote a public debate on this subject which has been needed for more than 20 years' Peter Oborne Britain has often found groups

The Essence of Sufism

15/11/2016, £7.99
The Sufis heve been using carefully constructed stories for teachong purposes for thousands of years.

The Garden of Mystery

19/02/2007, £11.95
Garden of Mystery, the 'Gulshan-i Raz', holds a unique position in Persian Sufi literature.
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