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Through us, not from us: vocal ministry and Quaker worship

'Through us, not from us' recounts the talks of four experienced Friends from a conference on Vocal Ministry, examining the context in which it began and how it is now practised and nurtured.

Visioning New Fire: working for Quaker renewal

01/01/2014, £3.00
A significant cross-section of contemporary Quakers met for an intensive weekend with a clear wish to explore their longing for a revitalised Religious Society of Friends. This booklet is their journey.

What Does Love Require of Us? Quaker promptings towards love in action

01/01/2017, £3.00
'What does Love require of us?' explores the forty-two Advices and Queries, guidelines and challenges. These spiritual experiences strive to put love in action as a way of life and as the heart of Quaker worship.

Breakthrough to Unity: The Quaker Way held within the mystic traditions

01/11/2010, £3.00
Breakthrough to Unity aims to induct seekers into the mystical tradition through understanding and practice.
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