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Be Mindful And Stress Less

29/01/2018, £12.99
The demands and pressures of everyday life can really stress you out! School, work, relationships, social media, and the like can leave you pulled in so many directions it can make your head spin.

Book of Silence

03/08/2009, £9.99
After a noisy upbringing as one of six children, and adulthood as a vocal feminist and mother, Sara Maitland began to crave silence.

Brain Fitness

01/07/2017, £12.99
In Brain Fitness Dr. Aihan Kuhn shares her expertise in tai chi, qigong, and medicine, giving readers exercises designed to prevent brain aging.

Breaking the Ice

01/01/2001, £8.99
"Breaking the Ice" is an invaluable resource for those leading church and youth groups, packed with innovative ideas to enable you to have fun and get to know each other whilst getting to grips with the topic you are looking at.

Calm: Vintage Minis

08/06/2017, £3.50
How do we find calm in our frantic modern world? Tim Parks - lifelong sceptic of all things spiritual - finds himself on a Buddhist meditation retreat trying to answer this very question.

Capturing mindfulness

19/06/2014, £9.99
Matthew Johnstone's latest book Capturing Mindfulness, is a natural follow on from his last book Quiet the Mind which came out in 2012.

C'est La Vie: The French Art of Letting

28/12/2017, £12.99
THE INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER'The book's motto - give yourself a break! - is perhaps the most radical resolution of the year' ElleBe calm... Stop stressing... Embrace the universe... Try yoga... Be fulfilled...

Children and Spirituality: Searching for meaning and connectedness

24/01/2008, £17.99
Brendan Hyde identifies four characteristics of children's spirituality: the felt sense, integrating awareness, weaving the threads of meaning, and spiritual questing.
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