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Jewish Meditation

01/01/1985, £9.99

Living in the Moment

09/02/2012, £12.99
Through simple mindfulness meditation, learn to live in the moment and enjoy a life that is more vivid, awake, connected and true.

Making Our Connections

We can travel more than we have ever had the ability to before. Indeed, travel is now part of everyday life for most of us, whether to or for work, or on holiday. This book looks at how we enhance the spiritual dimension of our lives as we constantly

Managing Anxiety with Mindfulness For Dummies

10/04/2015, £12.99
Don't panic! Managing Anxiety with Mindfulness For Dummies is a practical guide to overcoming your worries and minimising anxiety using mindfulness techniques.

Meaning is in the Waiting

This is the first in a series of books commissioned in consultation with John Sentamu. It can be described as "The Archbishop of York's Advent book". Its theme is overtly an Advent one, yet subsequent books will range over other biblical and seasonal

Meditation For Dummies

13/05/2016, £17.99
Take an inward journey for a happier, healthier life Meditation has been used for centuries

Messy: How to be Creative and Resilient

27/10/2016, £20.00
The urge to tidiness seems to be rooted deep in the human psyche.

Mindful Eating

01/01/2014, £12.99
Do I really need another biscuit/ sweet/ cake/ crisp? Ask yourself the question next time you dive for the biscuit tin. Many of us fall easily into patterns of "mindless" eating. We pick at food while working at our computers, we reach for the quicke
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