Peace, justice and activism

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"That's So Gay!": Challenging Homophobic Bullying

28/02/2015, £17.99
Is there a need to challenge homophobic name-calling and other homophobic bullying in your school but uncertainty about how to address it? That's So Gay! is a practical guide to making your school a safer place and creating an inclusive bully-free c

A Gift of Love

05/01/2017, £9.99
'[He] inspired a generation ...He changed the course of history' Barack Obama As Martin Luther King, Jr.

A Guide to Civil Resistance

11/11/2013, £10.00
In discussions about people power or nonviolent action, most people will immediately think of Gandhi or Martin Luther King

A Guide to Civil Resistance

31/07/2015, £10.00
This book brings together an extraordinary wealth of experience and will be an eye-opener for many readers.

A Just Defiance

03/03/2011, £14.99
1987, Pretoria. Four young black men have just been arrested for a horrific string of political murders.

A peaceable economy

The same dynamic drives all kinds of economy and wars: it is cumulative causation, along the lines of "Those who have will receive more and they will have more than enough; but as for those who don't have, even the little they have will be taken away

A Theory of Nonviolent Action

15/11/2015, £18.99
In this ground-breaking and much-needed book, Stellan Vinthagen provides the first major systematic attempt to develop a theory of nonviolent action since Gene Sharp's seminal The Politics of Nonviolent Action in 1973.


01/01/2015, £9.00

Arts Approaches to Conflict

01/07/1996, £25.00
Conflict is an increasingly common feature of modern life, and often has disastrous and destructive outcomes

Assata: An Autobiography

10/07/2014, £8.99
'Deftly written...a spellbinding tale.' The New York Times In 2013 Assata Shakur, founding member of the Black Liberation Army, former Black Panther and godmother of Tupac Shakur, became the first ever woman to make the FBI's most wanted terrorist l
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