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In Praise of Silence

02/12/2014, £6.99
The real motivation for undertaking this project, to praise and extol the virtues of silence, has come from my own personal experience of its many benefits.


Challenging and tender, these poems are a rite of passage. Philip Gross's much praised previous collection, Deep Field, explored the loosening connections between the self and language in his refugee father's old age.

Learning to Love You More

28/08/2007, £14.99
In a world obsessed with 'reality' programming, the collaborative public art project known as "Learning To Love You More" offers a refreshing take on how people think, act and love.

Letters by a Modern Mystic

10/10/2012, £5.00
Frank C. Laubach (Sept. 2, 1884-June 11, 1970) was a Christian evangelical missionary and mystic known as "The Apostle to the Illiterates."

Life of a Chalk Stream

08/05/2014, £16.99
This delightful book records a year in the life of an essentially English waterscape, one that is home to a vast array of wildlife and natural habitat of the keen angler – the chalkstream.

Life of the Beloved and Our Greatest Gif

22/08/2002, £7.99
The late Henri Nouwen is one of this century's greatest spiritual writers and in one volume are included two of his most inspirational pastoral works.

Living with a Black Dog

01/01/2008, £7.99
This second book from Matthew Johnstone, author of I Had a Black Dog, is an equally touching and beautifully illustrated book.

Mind Your Head

01/01/2016, £7.99
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