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A Speaking Silence: Quaker Poets of Today

01/10/2013, £9.95
This new anthology of Quaker poets, from well-known names to exciting newcomers, offers a wide-ranging exploration of the real world, seen through a distinctively Quaker poetic lens.

Being Alive

28/10/2004, £12.00
'Being Alive' is the sequel to Neil Astley's 'Staying Alive', which became Britain's most popular poetry book because it gave readers hundreds of thoughtful and passionate poems about living in the modern world.

Being Human

01/01/2011, £12.00
"Being Human" is the third book in the "Staying Alive" poetry trilogy. "Staying Alive" and its sequel "Being Alive" have introduced many thousands of new readers to contemporary poetry. "Being Human" is a companion volume to those two books - a world

Imagining the Full Hundred

21/05/2003, £4.50
In their journey from the sandy imagery of the Arabian Gulf to the green of Wales, these poems explore and affirm precious, precarious life, chracterised by its transience and mystery, and place the theme of extended kinship at the heart of the book


Challenging and tender, these poems are a rite of passage. Philip Gross's much praised previous collection, Deep Field, explored the loosening connections between the self and language in his refugee father's old age.

Memoirs of a Jobbing Poet

01/05/2014, £9.95
Gerad Benson's vivid, entertaining and occasionally flamboyant memoir is testament to a generous talent dedicated to poetry and to life.

Midnight and Other Poems

11/11/2008, £12.99
"Midnight and Other Poems" is the first full-length poetry collection to be published in the UK by this remarkable Palestinian writer, previously known to English-language readers for his highly-acclaimed autobiography.

New & Selected Poems Volume One

01/01/1992, £14.99
When New and Selected Poems, Volume One was originally published in 1992, Mary Oliver was awarded the National Book Award.
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