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Midnight and Other Poems

11/11/2008, £12.99
"Midnight and Other Poems" is the first full-length poetry collection to be published in the UK by this remarkable Palestinian writer, previously known to English-language readers for his highly-acclaimed autobiography.


02/04/1992, £7.95
"Neck-Verse", Ursula Fanthorpe's eagerly-awaited fifth individual collection from Peterloo - her last was "A Watching Brief" (1987) - is certain to become a best-seller like all her previous titles.

New & Selected Poems Volume One

01/01/1992, £14.99
When New and Selected Poems, Volume One was originally published in 1992, Mary Oliver was awarded the National Book Award.

Onions and Other Intentions

15/12/2011, £7.99
Outstanding in the work of Maggie Norton, is her ability to write convincingly in many different personae. An accessible poet, she uses humour and wit to explore social and moral issues.

Pablo Picasso's Noel

31/10/2017, £7.99
Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy's new Christmas poem, Pablo Picasso's Noel follows the famous painter as he moves through a small town in the south of France on Christmas Eve, drawing the residents and the festive scenes he encounters.

Paradise Lost

07/07/2016, £20.00
Paradise Lost, Milton's epic poem, charts humanity's fall from grace and the origin of the struggle between God and Satan, good and evil, life and death.


01/01/2014, £9.99
Passionfood is a feast of classic and contemporary love poems. There are a hundred flavours in this four-course celebration of love, passion and desire. Compiled by Staying Alive editor Neil Astley, its menu is distinctively different from that of ot

Poetry Please CD

18/09/2014, £12.98
BBC Radio 4's Poetry Please is the longest-running broadcast of verse anywhere in the world. The BBC has looked back through its rich archive of recordings to produce a poll of the most asked for and most broadcast pieces ever.
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