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01/01/2015, £9.00

Consciousness: An Introduction

Consciousness, 'the last great mystery for science', has now become a hot topic. How can a physical brain create our experience of the world? What creates our identity? Do we really have free will? Could consciousness itself be an illusion? Exciting

Ethics: A Very Short Introduction

Our self-image as moral, well-behaved creatures is dogged by scepticism, relativism, hypocrisy, and nihilism, by the fear that in a Godless world science has unmasked us as creatures fated by our genes to be selfish and tribalistic, or competitive an

I'm ok - you're ok

05/01/2012, £8.99
This practical guide to Transactional Analysis is a unique approach to your problems.

The Little Book of Mindfulness

07/04/2014, £5.99
"Everyone should read this. Mindfulness is such a great way to live life to the full." - Amazon Customer
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