Quaker meetings and pastoral care

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The Amazing Fact of Quaker Worship

George Gorman's 1973 Swarthmore lecture explores the experience of a Quaker meeting for worship.

Committed Relationships New Ed.

Committed Relationship. Volume 6 of the Eldership and Oversight Handbook series.

Conflict in Meetings New Edition

Eldership and Oversight Handbooks. Volume 4, 2nd edition.

Encounters with mental distress

Issues relating to mental illness and mental distress have been of particular interest and concern to Quakers throughout the history of the Religious Society of Friends.

Moving into Membership New Ed

Volume 8 of the Eldership and Oversight handbook series. Moving into Membership explores how an attender might move towards becoming a member.

Patterns of Eldership and Oversight

Volume 1 of the Eldership and Oversight handbook series.
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