Quaker religious thought

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Quaker Faith and Practice in Aotearoa New Zealand

This book offers glimpses into the lives, experiences and understandings of Quakers in Aotearoa New Zealand since the arrival of the first Friend on these shores in 1835.

Tua'r Tarddiad: Crynwyr yng Nghymru

This Welsh edition of 'Towards the Source: Quakers in Wales' presents reflections in prose, poetry and pictures on the life, history and worship of Friends in Wales. This beautifully compiled book is both a good introductory text for anyone curious about Quakers, and a source of interest to those seeking to understand the impact of the Society of Friends on the world.

A Convergent Model of Renewal

20/02/2015, £16.99
Today's crisis of faith traditions cry out for revitalisation. In this book, C. Wess Daniels proposes a model that holds together both tradition and innovation in ways that foster participatory change.

A faith to call our own

01/06/1999, £8.00
Alex Wildwood's 1999 Swarthmore lecture enquires into the experience at the heart of Quaker faith.

A Living Faith Second Edition

01/05/1990, £16.99
A systematic theological reflection on Quaker beliefs. Widely used in theology courses. Includes questions for use in group discussions and a glossary of theological terms.

A Man that Looks on Glass

01/12/2015, £7.99
The Quaker movement in Britain is beset with problems - growing secularisation, incompatible belief systems, ideology as a substitute for faith.
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