Quaker religious thought

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This I Warn You In Love: witness of some early Quaker women

At the birth of the Quaker Way, the witness of women Friends was powerful. This booklet will challenge us, whether in study groups or individually, to ask where such radical faith could lead today.

Through a glass darkly

30/09/2016, £7.00
A defence of Quaker Nontheism

Twelve Quakers and Truth

Quaker Quest

What Canst Thou Say?

Swarthmore Lecture 1980. Towards a Quaker Theology. Are Quakers Christian? Is it possible to be both Christian and Universalist? These are just two of the questions which form the starting point for this book.

Why Silence? Revisitng the foundations of Quaker worship

'Why Silence?' offers a collection of spiritual practices to help overcome those blockages which prevent a deepening of 'soul-silence'. It provides an admirable guide for use at home or in worship workshops.
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