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Screen of brightness

12/04/2013, £7.99
A Screen of Brightness started with a chance meeting, and a collaborative experiment in open field poetry

Seekers: A Twentieth Century Life

01/10/2013, £18.95
A courageous and exhilirating book, Michael Barratt Brown provides a remarkably honest narrative of his struggles

Should We Live Forever?

30/04/2013, £14.99
In Should We Live Forever? Christian ethicist Gilbert Meilaender puzzles over the implications of the medical advances that have lengthened the human life span...

Siblings: How to handle sibling rivalry to create lifelong, loving bonds

15/09/2017, £12.99
Written by a clinical psychologist with over 25 years' experience of family therapy, this book arms parents with the tools and advice needed to create positive sibling relationships.

Sod 70!

01/01/2015, £12.99
Sod 70! Keep fit, keep the brain going, and with a spot of good fortune you can be living a fulfilling, active life into your nineties and beyond. This book - part exercise book, part manifesto for a happier, healthier life - tells you how. Many of u

Spiritual Nature of Animals, The

07/11/2017, £15.99
Vets in rural practice face especially difficult illnesses, physical conditions, and emotional trials.

Spitalfields Nippers

01/11/2014, £20.00
Around 1900, photographer Horace Warner took a series of portraits of some of the poorest people in London -

Storytelling and Story-Reading in Early Years: How to tell and read stories to young children

21/03/2018, £14.99
In this easy-to-read and essential guide, storytelling trainer Mary Medlicott gives professionals the tools to get the best out of oral storytelling and story-reading sessions, with management, performance and language techniques.
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