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30 Second Religion

02/03/2015, £14.99
30-Second Religion decants and demystifies the key beliefs, deities, origins, and iconography of the worlds major religions, denominations, and less widespread sects and cults.

A Moment of Peace

15/06/2007, £10.99
In 1994 I started to write down my thoughts. My mind started to open to a different way of thinking and viewing life, and this gave me the need to record my thoughts.

A Nazareth Manifesto: Being with God

29/05/2015, £19.99
A Nazareth Manifesto is an eloquent and impassioned ecumenical proposal for re-envisioning Christianity s approach to social engagement away from working for the people to being with them.

A World Religions Bible

01/11/2010, £19.99
From as far back in time as history records, human beings have sought the truth-some order or entity that unifies all existence.

Bad Pharma

01/01/2013, £8.99
Ben Goldacre puts the $600bn global pharmaceutical industry under the microscope. What he reveals is a fascinating, terrifying mess.

Better Angels of Our Nature

04/10/2012, £14.99
This title is shortlisted for the Samuel Johnson Prize 2012.

British Secularism and Religion: Islam,

05/11/2010, £9.99
This book provides an in-depth deliberation upon the now unsettled relationship between religion and politics in contemporary Britain

Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant

03/07/2014, £18.99
In her first memoir, New Yorker cartoonist Roz Chast brings her signature wit to the topic of aging parents.

Carmina Gadelica hymns incantations

01/01/1994, £20.00
The Carmina Gadelica is the most comprehensive collection of poems and prayers from the Gaelic tradition of oral poetry. Gathered by Alexander Carmichael, in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, 'from Arran to Caithness, from Perth to St. Kilda'. T
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