African Muckraking

Author: Anya Schiffrin
Pub Date: 01/10/2017
Africa Muckraking is the first collection of investigative and campaigning journalism written by Africans and about Africa.
ISBN: 9781431425860
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Product description
The editors delved into the history of modern Africa to find the most important and compelling pieces of journalism on the stories that matter. This collection of 41 pieces of African journalism includes passionate and committed writing on labour abuses, police brutality, women's rights, the struggle for democracy and independence on the continent and other subjects. Each piece of writing is introduced by a noted scholar or journalist who explains the context and why the journalism mattered. Some of the highlights include: Feminist writing from Tunisia in the 1930s, hair-raising exposes of the secret tactics planned by the South African government during apartheid, Richard Mgamba's searing description of the albino brothers in Tanzania who fear for the lives, the piece by Liberian journalist Mae Azongo's on genital cutting which forced her to go into hiding. This edited collection includes the legends of African journalism and writing: stories on corruption and brutality by Mozambique journalist Carlos Cardoso and Angolan writer Rafael Marques, a loving profile of the legendary cameraman Mo Amin and his writing on the Ethiopian famine, Drum's investigative reporter Henry Nxumalo who went undercover in South Africa to write about labour conditions on the notorious potato farms of Bethal. Nigerian novelist Okey Ndibe describes Chinua Achebe's passionate writing on the war with Biafra and Kenyan novelist Peter Kimani describes the Hola Massacre while Ken Saro-Wiwa warned of the coming war in the Niger Delta. Like their counterparts all over the world, African Muckrakers have been imprisoned and even killed for their work. Africa Muckraking is a must-read for anyone who cares about journalism and Africa.
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