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Ancient Peoples in their Own Words: Anci

24/01/2019, £19.99
Ranging from the Egyptians to the late Roman Empire, Ancient Peoples In Their Own Words celebrates the excitement and importance of historical primary sources in an accessible way that will appeal to general readers.

Haiku: Classic Japanese Short Poems

18/08/2016, £14.99
Haiku - seventeen-syllable poems that evoke worlds despite their brevity - have captivated Japanese readers since the seventeenth century.

Hitler: The Man Behind the Monster

14/04/2017, £19.99
Artist, soldier, politician, madman? We know the headlines, we know about the atrocities, but what do we really know of the man at the heart of it all?

Tao Te Ching (Dao de Jing)

11/05/2017, £14.99
No understanding of Chinese civilization is possible without a grasp of Taoism, the philosophy that has shaped not just Chinese spirituality but also art, science and politics
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