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15/12/2017, £8.99
Kirigami involves the folding and cutting of paper to make beautiful shapes and decorations.

London Bus

15/11/2017, £9.99
This fantastic book contains everything you need to build your very own model of an iconic London Routemaster

Love and Peace Colouring Book

15/04/2017, £8.99
From the olive branch to the white poppy, symbols of peace and love have always been around us.

The Essence of Sufism

15/11/2016, £7.99
The Sufis heve been using carefully constructed stories for teachong purposes for thousands of years.

The Kahlil Gibran Collection

15/10/2017, £14.99
Through his writing, Kahlil Gibran provides wisdom, compassion and a beautiful testimony to life.

The Pocket Book of Hygge

15/11/2017, £7.99
In busy world faced with deadlines and stress, sometimes it is best to return to the comforts of home and hearth and forget the troubles of the world outside.

The Pocket Book of Mindfulness

15/03/2015, £7.99
Many people feel alienated by the modern life.

The Pocket Book of Mindfulness

15/02/2019, £5.99
Part of the best-selling Pocket series, The Pocket Book of Mindfulness is the perfect companion for those who need to take time out of their day-to-day lives to find a moment to draw breath and gather themselves together. Many people feel alienated
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