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The Bookworm

22/08/2019, £11.99
A funny and light-hearted story from much-loved children's author Debi Gliori, perfect for any child who has ever wanted a pet.

The Health Gap

01/01/2015, £20.00
There are dramatic differences in health between countries and within countries. But this is not a simple matter of rich and poor. A poor man in Glasgow is rich compared to the average Indian, but the Glaswegian's life expectancy is 8 years shorter.

The Saffron Tales

01/01/2016, £26.00
'Barberries, fresh herbs, date molasses, dried limes, saffron: Yasmin's persian pantry sataples are a roll call of my favourite ingredients. Her recipes are a showcase of a beautiful country' Yotam Ottolenghi

Unspeakable Things

01/01/2015, £9.99

Women in waiting

The role of women in the Christian Church has been the subject of heated debate in recent years. This July the Church of England's General Synod vote approving the ordination of women bishops announced a new era for women in the church.
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