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There is a divine restlessness in the human heart today, an eternal echo of longing that lives deep within us and never lets us settle for what we have or where we are. Now, in this exquisitely crafted, inspirational book, John O'Donohue explores tha
This is a guide for anyone struggling to balance the demands of career and family, or who are simply looking to find peace of mind in a world of chaos. This seven-step programme contains advice, action plans and client success stories.
As a highly experienced dinner lady, Jeanette has long been at the heart of Jamie Oliver's revolution to change the bad eating habits of our children both in and outside school. As part of her campaign to improve children's diets, she has written a u
The memoirs of one of the world's foremost experts on death, dying and life after death. The book traces the path she followed from her birthplace in Switzerland to her present residence in Arizona. It explains how her work with relief organizations