Philosophy and smart thinking

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Things to Make and Do in the Fourth Dimenision

02/07/2015, £9.99
This is the complete guide to exploring the fascinating world of maths you were never told about at school.

Towards a Gay Communism: Elements of a Homosexual Critique

14/05/2018, £18.99
First published in Italian in 1977, Mario Mieli's groundbreaking book is an early landmark of revolutionary queer theory - now available for the first time in a complete and unabridged English translation. Among the most important works ever to ad

Unpopular Culture

15/06/2017, £7.99
What does it mean to live differently - to stand up for injustice, to live a life greater than just yourself, to dare to be unpopular?

Varieties of Presence

01/01/2012, £24.99
The world shows up for us - it is present in our thought and perception. But, as Alva Noe contends in his latest exploration of the problem of consciousness, it doesn't show up for free. The world is not simply available; it is achieved rather than g

When I am Playing with My Cat, How Do I ...

20/01/2011, £16.99
In the year 1570, at the age of thirty-seven, Michel de Montaigne gave up his job as a magistrate and retired to his chateau to brood on his own private grief - the deaths of his best friends, his father, his brother, and most recently his first-born
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