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10/08/2015, £10.00
The Jews are at once privileged and peculiar, possibly blessed, regularly cursed.


01/01/2015, £20.00

Coalition: The Inside Story

22/03/2016, £25.00
When David Cameron and Nick Clegg stepped out into the rose garden at No. 10.

Down With The Royals

16/03/2015, £10.00
When Prince George was just eight weeks old, the Evening Standard declared him to be 'the most influential person in London'.

Equal Ever After: The fight for same-sex marriage - and how I made it happen

20/01/2016, £14.99
In this inside story, Lynne Featherstone reveals the emotional lows and the exhilarating highs involved in turning hard-won social acceptance for equal marriage into tangible legal equality.

Europe - in or Out?

03/03/2016, £8.99
Europe: vital for Britain's economy and global standing or a bureaucratic monster hell-bent on destroying our national sovereignty?

Exceeding My Brief

21/11/2017, £25.00
From the Munich Olympic Games when the athletes were murdered by terrorists, to the initialling of the Treaty of Rome when Britain entered the Common Market, Barbara Hosking was there.

Out in the Army: My life as a gay soldier

01/01/2013, £9.99
When he joined the army, James faced a battle of his own: he is gay and finding the courage to tell not only his family and friends but his fellow soldiers would be the biggest challenge of all.
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