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A Bright Acoustic

22/06/2017, £9.95
In these restlessly exploratory poems and sequences, the space between things is never empty, but alive with messages. Utterly physical even when it is at its most enquiring, Philip Gross's latest collection contemplates space and sound.

Beginner's Luck

20/06/2019, £9.95
When she died, in 2009, Anthony Thwaite described U.A. Fanthorpe as a 'smiling subversive with a voice like bird-song'.

Being Alive

28/10/2004, £12.00
'Being Alive' is the sequel to Neil Astley's 'Staying Alive', which became Britain's most popular poetry book because it gave readers hundreds of thoughtful and passionate poems about living in the modern world.

Being Human

01/03/2011, £12.99
"Being Human" is the third book in the "Staying Alive" poetry trilogy. "Staying Alive" and its sequel "Being Alive" have introduced many thousands of new readers to contemporary poetry.

Beloved: 81 poems from Hafez

27/09/2018, £12.00
Hafez is among the most celebrated of Persian mystic poets, thriving alongside such towering figures as Rumi and Saadi. Ubiquitous in Iran, he has also been hugely influential in the West.

Deep Field

30/11/2011, £8.95
In his nineties Philip Gross's father, a wartime refugee, began to lose his several languages, first to deafness, then profound aphasia.

Soul Food

10/05/2007, £7.99
"Soul Food" is a feast of thoughtful poems to stir the mind and feed the spirit.

The Hundred Years' War

29/05/2014, £12.99
War never stops. There have been two world wars since 1914 lasting for ten years, but wars have continued for a hundred years since then in many parts of the world:
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