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This biography draws upon many testimonies and archival sources that have never previously been published. Therese Taylor explains who Bernadette Soubirous was, and how she lived and died but takes no position on whether or not the visions were genui
Commissioned by the Blanton-Peale Institute, Cultivating Wholeness is a practical, comprehensive, contemporary guide to community care and counseling. Margaret Zipse Kornfeld, a pastoral psychotherapist for almost thirty years, focuses on wholeness,
Nazi Germany produced an unusual group of Christian martyrs - perhaps none so complex as the Lutheran theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Born into a large upper-middle-class, professional family that was not particularly devout or observant (his father
The Chief Rabbi commemorates the terrible events since the millennium with a message of hope. He argues that peace will only be achieved when we learn to resepect and rejoice in each other's differences, whatever our ancestry or convictions.
This is a discussion about real things that are so solid that people tend to ignore them. It asserts and insists the great truth that life must have a meaning. Thomas Merton shows that meaning has to be worked out for each individual, in their own un
Rabbi Jonathan Sacks presents a proposal for reframing the terms of this important debate. The first major statement by a Jewish leader on the ethics of globalization, it introduces a new paradigm into the search for co-existence.