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Compositions by Carn

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Fifty years of Quaker concern for gay eqality. In 2013 Quakers in Britain had good reason to celebrate. Their 50-year involvement in the movement for sexual equality culminated in the legal recognition of same sex marriage in England and Wales.
Harvey Gillman describes himself as a seeker, explorer, and a finder, and something of a heretic. Trained as a modern linguist (French and Italian, with Spanish later), he is fascinated by the challenge of communicating beyond frontiers.
A life-long and passionate campaigner for children, Baroness Lucy Faithfull (1910-1996) was one of the most eminent social workers of the twentieth century.
This play is a historical drama about the pioneer 'Pilgrim Fathers' who, guided 'by divine purpose' though escaping religious persecution, founded the Plimouth settlement, New England, in the 1620s.