Conscientious Objection

Pub Date: 14/09/2015
Intended as a practical companion for conscientious objection movements and all those whose work forms part of the continuum of war resistance.
ISBN: 9780903517294
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Product description
Learning from the lived experience of these activists, the aim is to help movements work together, surmount the external challenges they face, and enhance the concept of conscientious objection, using it in new and innovative ways - such as against war profiteering, or the militirisation of youth. The book also has a specific focus on gender, and the often invisible role of gender, both in the war machine, and in the movements which oppose it. To read this book is to be encouraged, not just to notice gender and the other power structures, upholding militarism, but to actively work to undermine them - and in so doing, start dismantling militarism itself.
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