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Darton Longman & Todd

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'My dear Jack - before I met you my life seemed like a train pulling a trail of empty carriages, and then there you were, and suddenly most of them were full.
An absorbing study of two of the most distinctive expressions of Anglo-Saxon civilisation: literature and Anglican spirituality.
This is Henri Nouwen's intimate diary of the year he spent at L'Arche, a community where care is provided for mentally ill and retarded adults. Here he recounts the struggles and self-doubts he faced along the road to a new vocation.
This title unpacks the deeper meaning of the text, drawing not only on the classic words but writings by Tolkien unpublished during his lifetime. The author shows how Tolkien is one writer who has succeeded in re-opening the world of the imagination
An updated edition of the classic anthology, including extracts from The Return of the Prodigal Son and The Inner Voice of Love.