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Being Palestinian

31/01/2016, £16.99
These thoughtful, poignant reflections bring forth vividly some of the human dimensions of one of the great tragedies of current history, the forced dispossession of Palestinians from their homeland.

Global Statesman: How Gordon Brown Took

28/02/2019, £24.99
From DFID to Brown's own faith and social philosophy, Webber explores, problematises and critiques Gordon Brown's policies on overseas aid, Third-World debt and addressing HIV/AIDS.

Simone De Beauvoir's Philosophy of Indiv

28/02/2019, £19.99
Laura Hengehold presents a new, Deleuzian reading of Simone de Beauvoir's phenomenology, the place of recognition in The Second Sex, the philosophical issues in her novels, the important role of her student diaries and her early interest in Bergson..
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