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Gandhi the Organiser. How he shaped a na

This book is a unique contribution in two ways.
Publisher: Irene Publishing
ISBN: 9789188061324
Author Bob Overy
Pub Date 09/09/2019
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This book is a unique contribution in two ways. Firstly, it puts the focus on the least understood element of the Indian anti-colonial liberation struggle, yet the one emphasized by Gandhi himself: the constructive program, or the building up of self-governed institutions and skills, enabling real autonomy from colonial rule and local empowerment of ordinary Indians. Secondly, it goes into the empirical detail of key campaigns of the liberation struggle, showing how the constructive work in a dynamic way connected with the resistance against British colonial rule. Bob Overy gives us inspiring, incisive and well-articulated pathways for transforming Gandhi's legacy into contemporary action, notably the interdependence between programmes of constructive work and satyagraha. Across the world, I am sure, practitioners and activists, especially for social and climate justice, will benefit."