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Everything Ravaged Everything Burned

01/03/2010, £8.99
A man is booted out of his home after his wife discovers that the sweat-smudged footprint on the inside of his windscreen doesn't match her own.

Freedom Regained

02/04/2015, £14.99
Do we have free will? It's a question that has puzzled philosophers and theologians for centuries and feeds into numerous political, social, and personal concerns.

How the World Thinks: A Global History o

03/10/2019, £9.99
'There to fill the Sapiens-size hole in your life' Observer In this groundbreaking global overview of philosophy, Julian Baggini travels the world to provide a wide-ranging map of human thought.

How To Read The Bible

04/09/2006, £6.99
HOW TO READ is a new sort of introduction - a personal master-class in reading - which brings you face-to-face with the work of some of the most challenging writers in history.


29/12/2016, £8.99
The daughter of a successful paediatrician and a fashionable socialite, Margo Jefferson spent her childhood among Chicago's black elite.

Nine Pints: A Journey Through the Myster

01/08/2019, £9.99
Most humans contain between nine and twelve pints of blood. Here Rose George, who probably contains nine pints, tells nine different stories about the liquid that sustains us, discovering what it reveals about who we are.

Rising Ground: A Search for the Spirit o

04/06/2015, £9.99
When Philip Marsden moved to a remote, creekside farmhouse in Cornwall, the intensity of his response took him aback.

Strange Labyrinth

01/02/2018, £9.99
In litter-strewn Epping Forest on the edge of London, might a writer find that magical moment of transcendence?
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