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Ludovic Kennedy explores the question of whether we are any longer justified in interpreting what we call God as an autonomous, independent, sentient being, or whether the time has come to recognize him as we do all history's gods - as images created
Rabbi Lionel Blue has entertained listeners to Thought for the Day for years with his special brand of humour, from cheekily irreverent religious jokes to Jewish mother jokes. Here, for the first time, is the complete collection, with his customary a
Downshifting is the answer to the stress, overwork and lack of life quality that drags so many of us down. It involves deliberately opting out of the career rat race, reducing working hours, cutting back on purchasing and living a simpler, balanced a
Nobody knows what will happen in the next moment of our lives. Whatever is in store for us, the only thing we can be sure of is that nothing in life is certain. And since we all fear the unknown, life's uncertainty can be a constant source of worry t
The basis of a four-part prime-time BBC series, this volume offers an accessible portrait of modern times, and explores how digital technology, and the Internet in particular, has changed the way we live. The author argues that not only does our gene
In Pursuit of His Glory is a revealing and moving personal account of R T Kendall's eventful and often turbulent 25-year tenure as Minister of Westminster Chapel, one of London's most historic Evangelical churches. He talks frankly about both the ble
Drawing material from a wide range of sources, this giftbook contains a collection of wise sayings on the subject of leading a less stressful life.
Raised in county Donegal, Ireland, Maire began her musical career with family band Clannad. Along with sister Enya, and the other members of Clannad, Maire has always fiercely guarded her privacy. Yet in recent years - largely due to a new self confi