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This is a distillation of Dorothy Rowe's insights on the main sticking points of life: identity and self-esteem, fear of death, depression, coping with other people, power, guilt and coming to terms with getting older.
'A very important book about one of the last social taboos -- with fascinating implications for us all' Helena Kennedy, QC A groundbreaking book in which Dorothy Rowe brings her insight and wisdom to the fascinating subject of money and its place in
Shamans and elders of every tradition have retold their wisdom through storytelling and this book is a collection of teaching stories from Christian, Buddhist, Hindi, Sufi, Zen, Chassid, Native American, African and other sources.
Now that life expectancy in the developed world is well over 70, fear of imminent death has receded and been replaced by a dread of growing old. While our definition of old is dependent on the age we have reached - in our 20s we fear turning 30, in o