Here We Stand - Women changing the world

Author: Helen Earnshaw
Pub Date: 01/01/2014
Publisher: Honno
A fascinating and unique anthology about contemporary women campaigners and how they were changed by the process of changing the world.
ISBN: 9781909983021
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Product description
Through a series of interviews and articles, 17 key British women campaigners talk intimately about the difficult and exhilerating nature of their work. These women are dreaming of a better world. But they are just not dreamers. They have organised, marched on the streets, joined protest camps, opened refugees, blogged from war zones, and smashed up military equipment. They have gone undercover, lived in trees, stormed Parliament, and taken on the world's largest corporations. They have been sacked, attacked, psychologically abused, jailed, shot at, sued, deceived by police spies, and even disowned by their families. But still they keep dreaming: still they march on. And they are changing history. These original testimonies are uplifting, shocking and moving. They will rouse you, and encourage you to ask for more.
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