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Instant Apostle

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God and science – you can’t really believe in both, right!? Or can you?? Is God Really Legit? asks the tough questions and gives you the info you need to decide. Do miracles happen? Is the earth 6,000 years old? What about the Big Bang?
When Robin Thomson and his wife Shoko were told she had Alzheimer s, they had no clue what lay ahead. As the disease gradually took over their lives, Robin watched as his adventurous and independent wife slowly seemed to disappear.
What is it like to seek asylum in Europe? What welcome is given and what difficulties faced?
When Chris Lane and his friends planted a church on an inner-city estate notorious for crime and deprivation, they could not imagine the rollercoaster ride that awaited.
A collection of firsthand accounts by eight individuals who were forced to flee their own countries and seek refuge in the UK. In their own words, these refugees tell their stories from birth to persecution, from escape to seeking asylum, and from re
A delightful and inspiring book full of stories of everyday Christians using hospitality and food to get to know their neighbours.
When the caretaker of St Peter's finds that the church has been broken into early on the Saturday morning after Christmas, and that the elderly intruder is still in the building and kneeling at the communion rail, no-one is quite sure what to do.
Eric Gaudion has fought a long battle with chronic illness: 22 years, over 100 admissions to hospital, more than 30 operations, several near-death encounters, the trauma of transplant surgery and the constant expectation of death.