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Africa Muckraking is the first collection of investigative and campaigning journalism written by Africans and about Africa.
This is the children's book parents will buy for themselves, as much as for their children! Artist/writer, Reviva Schermbrucker, has done what must be a first in the history of publishing - embroidered an advent calendar for children in story form.
The little girl who didn't want to grow up retold by Veronique Tadjo and illustrated by Catherine Groenewald. Little Ayanda loves her father with all her heart.
What sound most typifies South Africa's great outdoors? Some say it's the chilling roar of a lion in the early evening in the bush. Others claim it's the haunting call of a fish eagle that soars above the country's many rivers and dams. And yet the s
The timely release of this, the sixth highly successful annual POWA Breaking the Silence collection, goes some way in describing the experiences of women whose lives have defied prescribed boundaries;...
Today, a rich tapestry of local recipes graces our tables at the Cape. Like a fine blended wine, Cape cuisine offers complexity, richness and a host of subtle and exotic nuances to delight the most discerning and adventurous of palates. For more than
Exit! is the story of Grizelda Grootboom life of prostitution and her ultimate escape from it all. Grizelda's life was dramatically changed when she was gang raped at the age of nine by teenagers in her township. Her story starts there. It is a story
This book challenges both the efficacy and wisdom of purely militarised responses to extremist movements, typified by the Global War on Terror.