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Oppose and Propose

05/05/2011, £9.00
Where do the tactics, strategies, and lifestyles of today's activists come from?

Other People's Money

03/09/2015, £16.99
We all depend on the finance sector.

Our Flag Stays Red

25/07/2006, £13.00
Our Flag Stays Red is a unique account of communist and anti-fascist activity in London's East End in the 1930s and 1940s.

Our Food Our Future

02/11/2017, £12.99
The third book in the critically acclaimed Wicked & Wise series offers a compelling analysis of the issue of food on an international scale.

Painting the Town Red

12/03/2018, £24.99
The intensely political cultural production that erupted during Hungary's short-lived Soviet Republic of 1919 encompassed music, art, literature, film and theatre.

Partition: The story of Indian independe

10/08/2017, £25.00
The International Bestseller `Barney White-Spunner's book stands out for its judicious and unsparing look at events from a British perspective.' Dominic Sandbrook, Sunday Times Review `A highly readable account . . .'

Party Animals

14/01/2016, £17.99
"An affectionate and insightful account of 20th-century history that also amounts to a manifesto for the power of words

Peace for our Time: A Reflection on War

30/03/2018, £16.99
In this remarkable memoir Nicholas Hagger reflects on war and peace and on 'peace for our time', Chamberlain's haunting words in 1938 that ushered in the Second World War.

Planet of Slums

17/01/2017, £9.99
According to the United Nations, more than one billion people now live in the slums of the cities of the South. In this brilliant and ambitious book, Mike Davis explores the future of a radically unequal and explosively unstable urban world. From t

Policing The Black Man: Arrest, Prosecution and Imprisonment

27/06/2017, £22.50
Policing the Black Man explores and critiques the many ways the criminal justice system impacts the lives of African American boys and men at every stage of the criminal process from arrest through sentencing.
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