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David Adam is writing on prayer and spirituality is loved the world over. In this book, we have gathered 1000 of his finest prayers and arranged them thematically for the key seasons of the Church year and all areas of Christian life.
Gives people a positive experience of the presence of God during their drinks break. Suitable for anyone who pauses for a cuppa during the day. Invites you to take a drinks break, relax your shoulders, and reconnect with God. Drink your drink.
Short prayers for Grandparents These 3-minute moments help you be active in your grandchild's life You'll find the words to encourage and express your faith
Want to find rest in time with God? These 3-minute prayers offer thoughtful reflections on your day A simple way to find peace in your time with God
Want to fix more prayer in your daily routine? These 3 minute prayers are made for the start of the day Great for helping you bring everything to God each day Invites you to spend a few minutes of calm and then feel energised for the day ahead.
Want a way to prepare for the weekend? These prayers help you find true rest at the weekend A great chance to pause, breathe, pray and start the weekend right A collection of short prayers to help you prepare for the weekend.
A Chequered Legacy is a two-volume study course in which popular author Nick Fawcett explores ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ of the Church.
A short, thought-provoking saying about God for every day of the year in a diary format, with space for notes on each page. The first rule in communicating is to presume that the person I am speaking to is a person of good will.